The goal of your networking efforts should be to forge relationships… meaningful and profitable relationships. There’s much more to networking than passing out business cards and connecting online. The core focus of our Alliance is to connect like-minded business professionals in a manner which accelerates and fosters the process of building a profitable network of referral partners and prospective customers, clients or patients. In addition to networking events and opportunities, we provide a complete suite of digital services to not only build your relationship-capital but to strengthen your online reach and visibility.

The Perfect Combination of High-Tech, High-Touch, and High-Trust


The Charlotte Business Group was named the best business networking group in Charlotte for 2017. Our monthly after-hours networking events are well-attended by some of the area’s top professionals and business owners.

We’ve expanded the concept to extend our reach, deliver more first-class events and provide regular meetings throughout the entire Charlotte market area. We will be hosting numerous events in all areas… including Lake Norman, Cabarrus County, Up-Town and the Ballantyne area. Our goal is to make our popular events more accessible and convenient to even more people.

In addition, we’re forming local chapters and small groups which will meet for breakfast or lunch two times per month. This will give members a better opportunity to build and strengthen deeper relationships with other professionals and business owners.


Included in Your GOLD Membership


Your GOLD MEMBERSHIP includes a combination of networking events and opportunities with a unique, hyper-local online presence through You’ll have the perfect platform to connect with like-minded professionals and business owners while extending your reach, building your brand and connecting with prospective customers, clients or patients.

Networking Passport



Your NETWORKING PASSPORT will allow you full and free access to every regular Networking Event, Meeting, and Opportunity. You aren’t confined to a single geographical area or limited to one or two members per industry. You can attend any and every event or small group meeting, in any location or venue across the entire market area. Naturally, most members will choose to regularly attend a specific small group meeting convenient to their home or office. But you’re not limited to that specific group. If you want to visit another group in a different area, you are welcome to do so. We feel relationships and networking shouldn’t be limited or confined to a single geographical area.

We structure our networking events to make it easier to connect, carry on a conversation and get to know each other. We’ll typically showcase four to six local businesses who share their unique products and services with attendees. This gives them an opportunity to display their products and services while you get a chance to know them better.

The Area Guide


The Area Guide is a hyperlocal marketing platform designed to help professionals build connections. By connections, we mean referral relationships. Anyone in business for any length of time understands the importance of building an expansive network… a sphere of influence.

The adage is true… “it’s not what you know but who you know.” But just knowing someone is not enough. Exponential growth in your business comes from being connected to the right people… the people who are connected with the most people you need to know. Your membership includes:

  • Company Profile
    • Complete company profile and description
    • Full contact details
    • Photo Gallery – Up to 10 images
    • Embedded videos – Up to 3
    • Reviews and testimonials
  • Featured Business Acknowledgement
  • Special Placement throughout the platform
  • Guest contributor privileges
    • Submit up to two articles or posts per month with links to your profile and website

Special Placement as a
Featured Business

Your business receives prominent placement through-out The Area Guide as a Featured Business.

Your business will be promoted on the Home Page as well as on interior pages such as the neighborhood pages of the communities within your geographical market area.

Each Feature Business element is linked directly to your business listing, giving prospects easy access to learning more about you, your business, products, services, special offers, discounts and promotions.

Banner Ad Sets - Digital Display Ads


Promote your special offers, reputation, and branding with customized display ads. A full ad set in up to 22 different sizes to accommodate nearly any advertising platform. These banner ads are prominently placed through-out The Area Guide website to promote your product, service, company or reputation.

The ads can be used on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, email and hundreds of other applications. Our team of graphics experts will create a full set of ads for our Gold Members.


Digital Display Ad Samples

Social Media Covers


Take advantage of social media billboard space by promoting your special and seasonal offers. Keep your social media images fresh and inviting with a new message or promotion. Our team of graphics experts will create a full set of social media covers for our Gold Members.

Included are images for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Review Videos


Our goal is to help our members establish, improve and maintain a stellar five-star online reputation. Studies show that when a prospect learns about a business, through an online search or by way of referral, one of the first things they do is to search online for reviews about that business. We’ve created a process to help you quickly gain more trust and credibility with prospects who are making a purchase decision.

The reputation process leverages several highly effective marketing strategies to position your business as the obvious and best choice. We produce Hollywood style videos using professional spokes models, graphics, animation, green screen, lighting and audio customized and personalized for your business.  Each video is optimized for maximum search engine visibility and syndicated to YouTube and your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

You’ve worked hard to build your online reputation…

Now leverage your five-star reputation to secure more customers and profits

  • Social Proof – 72% of Buyers Trust Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations
  • Video – 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making a purchase decision
  • Search Engine Optimization – Positive reviews are pushed to the top of the search results to showcase your five-star reviews and bury negative reviews deeper in the results making them harder to find
  • Social Media – Your video reviews are broadcast to multiple social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, further strengthening your online visibility, brand and online reputation.
  • Digital Assets – Your videos become additional, long-lasting digital assets with a one-time cost far more affordable than any other form of media

Gold Membership Pricing

Gold Membership

One-time Set-Up – $99

$99 per month

SAVE with an Annual or Semi-Annual Membership